Tharp Plumbing News

We recognize the value of speedy and candid communications with customers, employees and the communities in which we live and do business. Whether its up, down or across, information "flows" at Tharp. Please visit us frequently to keep track of our activities and accomplishments.
  1. Orange County Public Schools

    Three projects are coming to a close as the 2017/18 school year closes in on us.

    Rock Lake Elementary, Windermere High School and Downtown Urban projects are almost complete, adding more projects to our extensive resume of OCPS projects.

    Windermere High School

  2. OPD HQ

    Tharp Plumbing Systems was the chosen plumbing subcontractor for HJ High Construction on the new OPD HQ.

    OPD HQ

  3. In House BIM

    Tharp Plumbing Systems can now offer BIM services in house after the addition of Perry Harter as our BIM Manager

  4. Safety Pays

    The reality that health and safety are core values at Tharp was further validated when forty-five (45) Tharp employees, which is 90% of the eligible workforce, were recently recognized with monetary rewards for their safe work practices during the 2015 work year.

    This is yet another tangible example of leadership’s uncompromising pledge to protect and promote the health and well-being of every employee and to spare no resource or cost to keep the work place safe. Likewise, it demonstrates the wisdom and astute judgment of those Tharp associates who recognize “health” is a critical ingredient to their successful pursuit of both life and professional goals.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all those who excelled in their dedication to safe work practices!