Tharp plumbing operates with the understanding that a healthy company starts with safe and healthy employees. We develop and implement programs to support this philosophy.

Safety Management Program

A company-wide program that details responsibilities, policies, rules and safety practices.

Safety Committee

A group of employees and mangement members that meet regularly to discuss the company’s safety needs, concerns and goals.

Safety Training

Classes and training are an integral part of keeping our employees trained and up to date on OSHA standards and the latest construction safety issues of the day.

Safety Bonus

Employees are rewarded with $25 for the first full year without accidents and $12.50 for each additional year up to a cumulative maximum of $125 a year.

Workers Compensation

A comprehensive program at no cost to employees that covers the cost of medical treatment and lost time for any injury or illness sustained in the course of employment.

Drug Free Workplace

To provide a safe, productive and healthy work environment, Tharp has implemented a comprehensive Drug-Free Workplace policy which is enforced on a continuing basis with pre-hire, post accident, and random drug tests.