Tharp employees enjoy a benefits package that is deep and comprehensive, honoring our commitment to provide you and your family extensive protection and security, along with quality life-enhancing programs which recognize the needs and interests of a diverse workforce. Just take a look:

Medical Plan

In partnership with United Healthcare, we offer three excellent healthcare plans with an extremely large network of quality providers.

Dental Plan

Two Guardian Dental plans are available to help you and your family maintain excellent dental health and allows rollover of a portion of unused benefits.

Vision Plan

The Guardian Vision plan is available to help pay for eye exams, glasses or contact lenses.


Gives employees and dependents the opportunity to continue health and/or dental insurance coverage under the group plan when a qualifying event would normally result in loss of coverage.

Term & Permanent Life Insurance

Life Insurance is available in various amounts and may be purchased through payroll deductions.

Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity

Various supplemental policies are available with Colonial Life to help cover costs associated with specific conditions and incidents.

Short-Term Disability

Optional coverage provides salary and benefits continuation when you are unable to work due to medical, mental or other physical conditions, such as pregnancy.

Premium Only Pre-Tax Plan

This account allows setting money aside, on a pre-tax basis, to help pay for qualified insurance premiums.

Health Savings Account

A special tax-advantaged savings account to pay for health are expenses is available because our health insurance plan meets all government requirements.

Employee Relief Fund

An optional employee fund to supply monetary relief to fund members in times of emergency financial stress.


Paid time off (5 to 20 days depending on length of employment) to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits.


Six to eight paid holidays (depending on length of employment) for full time employees.

Bereavement Leave

Up to three days paid leave upon the death of an immediate family member.