Tharp Plumbing News

We recognize the value of speedy and candid communications with customers, employees and the communities in which we live and do business. Whether its up, down or across, information "flows" at Tharp. Please visit us frequently to keep track of our activities and accomplishments.
  1. Safety Pays

    The reality that health and safety are core values at Tharp was further validated when forty-five (45) Tharp employees, which is 90% of the eligible workforce, were recently recognized with monetary rewards for their safe work practices during the 2015 work year.

    This is yet another tangible example of leadership’s uncompromising pledge to protect and promote the health and well-being of every employee and to spare no resource or cost to keep the work place safe. Likewise, it demonstrates the wisdom and astute judgment of those Tharp associates who recognize “health” is a critical ingredient to their successful pursuit of both life and professional goals.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all those who excelled in their dedication to safe work practices!

  2. Year-End Rewards

    Atop the 2015 corporate Christmas tree was an unfurled banner proclaiming “Victory” in accomplishing our goal of providing superior client satisfaction with high levels of productivity and craftsmanship delivered on time, safely and within budget.

    As a result, the “Purveyors of Fine Plumbing” once again realized year-end financial rewards in the form of bonuses: an equally important component of our overall mission! Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this well-deserved boost in your individual prosperity!

    As excitement and enthusiasm prevail at the beginning of our 40th year of business, the team has already started putting points on the board so that when the buzzer sounds the end of 2016, everyone will once again be rewarded for their collective success in achieving even greater levels of client satisfaction.

  3. People Grow at Tharp

    It’s no secret, becoming a “Purveyor of Fine Plumbing” is driven by continuous learning and craft mastery. Little wonder that the people recruited to join the Tharp team start their pursuit of journeyman plumber status by participating in the company’s in-house State registered and Veterans Administration certified plumbing apprenticeship program.

    This program, which is a dynamic blend of web based learning, complemented with OJT and labs, was recently subjected to a comprehensive audit by the Florida Department of Education and passed with “flying colors” by surpassing the rigorous quality and equal opportunity standards required of registered apprenticeship programs.

    This noteworthy accomplishment is a direct consequence of the praiseworthy contributions of Tony Chaves as the program’s Master Trainer and Aimee Tharp’s administrative prowess in managing the multi-faceted record keeping elements of this dynamic program.

    Congratulations and “thanks” to both Tony & Aimee for their selfless commitment to promoting the success of their teammates!

  4. Unity = Winning Outcomes

    Known for innovation and quality products, BrassCraft Manufacturing recently contributed $1500 to support the ongoing training of Tharp’s plumber apprentices.

    Recognizing that what affects one of us eventually affects us all, BrassCraft’s generous financial support of our aspiring plumbers’ will strengthen our industry and ultimately promote improvements in the living environment we all enjoy.

    All members of the Tharp team applaud BrassCraft’s leadership in uniting the industry to enhance the competencies of our craft workforce to deliver higher quality craftsmanship to our customers.

  5. Longevity Opens the Door to New Life Adventure

    The entire Tharp team congratulates Hans Glatz for his nearly twenty years of stellar positive service to our company as Warehouse Assistant and wishes him well as he embarks on the next phase of his life by retiring at year’s end. While he will be sorely missed, we applaud his past accomplishments which have paved the road to a well-deserved retirement.  Good luck, Hans!