Tharp Plumbing Wins Award of Merit for Target Sodo

Tharp Plumbing was recently notified that it won an Award of Merit from the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. for their excellent plumbing work on Target Sodo with the Williams Company.  The Award of Merit is the second highest award given in the Excellence in Construction Awards Competition. The awards will be presented at a formal event November 14.

Projects were judged on execution of design, craftsmanship, attention to detail, proper installation, evidence of extra ordinary effort, owner satisfaction, and other considerations.  The award criteria aligns with Tharp Plumbing’s mission statement, which is “craftsmanship delivered on time, safely and within budget to establish trusting client relationships and repeat work that promotes both our clients and employees longevity, professional growth and prosperity”. The entire crew of Target Sodo are to be congratulated for being “Purveyors of Fine Plumbing”!