Publix Distribution Center Acquisition

Congratulations to Tharp Plumbing for the award of the Publix Distribution Center with general contractor, Whiting Turner. The ten building and over 1.1 million square foot facility required a thorough and detailed proposal.  After more than a 7 month bid process, Tharp Plumbing will soon have a presence on the 100 acre property located near the intersection of 528 and Goldenrod, formerly known as Lee Vista and utilized for harvesting hay. This large project will display Tharp Plumbing’s skill to coordinate a multi-building project as well as their craftsmanship to install numerous specialty plumbing systems. 1,200 feet of trench drain will be installed in two buildings, requiring precision of installation and cooperation with other trades.  Tharp Plumbing’s crew will also install over 5,500 feet of Sch. 80 stainless steel piping for a truck wash system to meet over a 3,500 psi demand. The Publix Distribution Center was bid by estimator, Chris Joyce and will be run by foreman, Bernie Leroy and managed by Dave Horn and Michael Williamson.