People Grow at Tharp

It’s no secret, becoming a “Purveyor of Fine Plumbing” is driven by continuous learning and craft mastery. Little wonder that the people recruited to join the Tharp team start their pursuit of journeyman plumber status by participating in the company’s in-house State registered and Veterans Administration certified plumbing apprenticeship program.

This program, which is a dynamic blend of web based learning, complemented with OJT and labs, was recently subjected to a comprehensive audit by the Florida Department of Education and passed with “flying colors” by surpassing the rigorous quality and equal opportunity standards required of registered apprenticeship programs.

This noteworthy accomplishment is a direct consequence of the praiseworthy contributions of Tony Chaves as the program’s Master Trainer and Aimee Tharp’s administrative prowess in managing the multi-faceted record keeping elements of this dynamic program.

Congratulations and “thanks” to both Tony & Aimee for their selfless commitment to promoting the success of their teammates!